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TELAGA WARNA (the Colorful Lake) - Beautiful Twin Lakes

Telaga Warna
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Dieng has an extraordinary natural and cultural wealth. One of the icons is Telaga Warna (the Colorful Lake), a beautiful lake with natural forest around it.

Desa Dieng Wetan, Kecamatan Kejajar, Kabupaten Wonosobo

TELAGA WARNA (the Colorful Lake) - Beautiful Twin Lakes

Hidden among the rows of hills at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level does not make Telaga Warna (the Colorful Lake) lack of visitors. Its beauty and mystery always attract anyone who visits Dieng. Entering through the main gate, YogYES was greeted by a path that has been slicked up by the paving blocks with dense forest on either side. Culminate in a T-junction, Color Lake outspread ahead. Greenish water looked calm, no ripples at all. The sound of the wild birds chirped and the thick forest which is wild maintained present a reassuring atmosphere of peace.

Followed a road that branched off to the right, YogYES found another intersection. Paving road towards Semar Cave and a muddy trail. Driven by a curiosity, we took a dirt road trail straight ahead. Jumped on the slippery ground formed by the rain on the previous night, we fought hard to avoid the mudded ground. And suddenly a broad meadow emerged, reminiscent to the movie Little House on the Prairie. Although we were a little in doubt, we kept on walking. Voila, suddenly another lake appeared in front of us. The water was very clear that reflected whatever image was on top of it. Well, it felt like in a different place. Paving road was somewhere out there, meadow was on the other side, and tall trees were all around.

Although we were fascinated by the beauty of this crystal clear lake, but the desire to explore Telaga Warna finally brought YogYES back to the first lake. This time the exploration carried out by following the road that leads to the left. In some places the surface seemed bubbly and pulled out the small bubbles. It caused by the sulfur that contained in the water. Unfortunately, as far as we could see, the entire surface was remained green without a touch of other colors.

Apparently there is a trick to enjoy the beauty of this lake. At the back door, there is a trail uphill towards one of the hills that enclose the lake. This dirt road is very narrow, just enough to pass one person. The climb is not so steep, but slippery enough considering Dieng area frequently hit by rain. After a few hundred meters climbing, we reached the top of the hill which surrounded by the views that would make anyone spellbound. Down below, outspread a beautiful lake surrounded by thick forest with beautiful purple color of water on the edge, shaded in green in towards the middle, and pale green in the center of the lake. On the other side, a narrow meadow separated it from another lake called Telaga Pengilon or lake which reflected like a mirror. Further ahead, Mountain Prau and Mountain Pakuwaja rows in circle, formed as if to protect these two beautiful lakes from anyone who wants to damage it.

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