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PURWACENG - "Viagra" van Java

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Purwaceng is just one of many herb species that once grew wild in Dieng Plateau. What's so special about it? This herb is often associated as a vitality booster for man or Viagra van Java, which is very intriguing and attracts people to prove its effect

PURWACENG - "Viagra" van Java

The flavor of my coffee that morning was different. The strong scent of Java black coffee feels a bit strange with a little spicy flavor. No, it was not spicy flavor of ginger. Spicy that was rather vapid and hard to describe in words. Apparently this coffee was mixed with purwaceng, one special famous ingredient from Dieng known as a vitality booster drug for male. Wwwhat?

For residents of Dieng, this herb is known for its effect since long time ago. It is said that purwaceng already consumed since the days of the Hindu kingdom, but was still limited among kings and nobles. As time changes, ordinary people were allowed to consume it. The local residents began hunting these wild herb grows everywhere along Dieng Plateau. As the result, purwaceng had become rare, threatened with extinction. Not wanting to lose this valuable herb asset, local residents began to cultivate it for commercial purposes.

"Do not judge a book by its cover". This proverb crossed in my mind when I finally see this phenomenal herb. It is growing in groups as about 25 cm tall with small white flowers. Most people would have thought of it as a group of ordinary grass. Pimpinella Alpina Kids is the Latin name for it. The whole parts of this herb can be used as traditional medicine, especially the leaves and roots. The root looks similar to ginseng and it has diuretic effect to accelerate the urine, an aphrodisiac to increase the testosterone hormone, and a tonic to increase stamina. It also contains saponin derivative compounds, alkaloids, tannins, and other compounds, as the reinforcement of the body and helps the bloodstream.

The production of purwaceng is limited caused by the limited number of the herbs itself. As from planted, it takes between one until one and half years until the herb is ready to be harvested and processed. So, are you curious to try and prove the effect?

  • 1 cup coffee / milk mixed with purwaceng: IDR 5,000 - 10,000
  • 1 bottle of 200 grams of purwaceng pure extract: IDR 100,000

Description: Data obtained on the price on October 2010. Data is not always updated and there is a possibility price changes at any time.

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